The Nursing School of Monkole (ISSI)

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The Higher Institute of Science of Nursing, ISSI, is a private educational institution to train nurses at university level with a profile that meets the health needs of the population. of the Democratic Republic of the Congo according to international standards.In 1998 Institut Supérieur en Sciences Infirmières was inaugurated, and it is located in a suburb of Kinshasa. The School raise authentic awareness of the role and responsibility of the staff nurses in the community congolese. The students learn to carry out their work with professionalism and beyond the objective of just earning a salary— with the awareness of providing a direct service to patients, physicians, family members, etc, The system of work is based on going to tutorials regularly to accompany each student in all steps of their training.

In addition to the classes, we have internships in different hospitals of Kinshasa. We also offer courses and seminars to upgrade the training of health personnel from other hospitals.

The tuition paid by the students covers half the cost of their training and there are scholarships for which you do not have sufficient economic resources. When they finish, there are great job opportunities in the capital and in other areas of the country for these nurses, who are valued for their professionalism and for the quality of their humane treatment.

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