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  • For every 100,000 children born alive, 693 mothers die in childbirth. While there are 25 in Chile, 21 in the USA, 8 in France, 6 in Spain and 4 in Italy.
  • For every 100,000 children born alive, 7,100 die in the days following birth. While there are 690 in Chile, 590 in the USA and 330 in Spain, France, Italy.
As part of our aim to change health care in the Congo, we have carried out a number of projects with different aims so that we can diversify different medical objectives. You can find out about the rest of the projects by clicking here. All the help we receive through the charity parties goes to these projects.

Currently, Monkole Hospital offers the following services

  1. Monkole is available 24 hours a day. It offers consultations of gynecology and obstetrics, surgery, internal medicine, and pediatrics. Up to 158 patients can be hospitalised.
  2. In addition, to bring the health care to other areas, doctors attend two times per week three places located in the outskirts , far away from the hospital: those are the centers Eliba, Kimbondo and Molouk.
  3. Monkole also counts with a school of nurses(ISSI, Institut Supérieur en Sciences Infirmières) and a centre of continuing training for doctors(CEFA, Centre de Formation et d’appui Sanitair).
  4. Staff education: Monkole offers training courses to doctors and nurses in Kinshasa.
More than 100,000 consultations are attended to each year

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