History of Monkole

Monkole began to operate in 1991

Without a doubt the history of Monkole has been marked by a great effort, to achieve what it is today. Monkole began to operate in 1991 as a dispensary where one doctor, one laboratory assistant, three nurses and five workers from other job categories worked. In the course of time, it moved from a dispensary to a hospital. It fought against diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis or aids. Subsequently, the prestige of Monkole gave place to patients coming from other municipalities, at times, distant. What attracts patients the most is the attention of the medical staff, the reception and the hygiene of the facilities.

Due to the lack of infrastructure, the difficulty of creating a hospital plus the need of drinking water and electricity and, therefore, the directors of Monkole, with the help of PATS (program funded by the European Union), constructed a well in 1997 and acquired two electric generators. On the other hand, to alleviate the problem of the recruitment of well-prepared staff, CECFOR created aHigher Institute of Nursing (ISSI).

21st century:

In 2001, following a health reform in the country, Monkole was elevated to the rank of General Referral Hospital in the municipality of Mont-Ngafula (180,000 inhabitants). For this reason, plans began to expand the hospital and to have the possibility of having 120 beds, with all the specialties. This requirement has led to the creation of a new terrain.

It is interesting to know that Monkole, in addition to hospital care, has examined 5,742 schoolchildren in the southern part of the city, as part of a school health programme. It has also carried out preventive examination of a certain type of anaemia in 2,906 children. From the Friends of Monkole Foundation we want to help to get more people without resources to be assisted in Monkole.

Monkole’s story must continue to grow. A wing of the hospital has yet to be prepared, which for financial reasons could not be completed. We will succeed thanks to your help!

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