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Rickets and clubfoot operations


Care for pregnant women and their newborn children


Attention to the people of the Moluka, Eliba and Kimbondo antennas


Neonatal and Pediatric Care


Material for Monkole Hospital


Monkole Hospital ISSI School of Nursing


Implementation of a sustainable cervical cancer screening programme in Monkole


COVID-19 in Monkole

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Foundation of friends of Monkole

Friends of Monkole was created in the summer of 2010 to facilitate medical care for poor families from Kinshasa, in the D.R. of Congo, who come to Monkole Hospital. A few years later, in 2017, already as the Friends of Monkole Foundation, it intends to do something useful, big and valuable that will have an impact on the most needy people. We want to facilitate access to quality health care for the most disadvantaged groups, through our projects.

A Youth Foundation:

We are a young foundation with a spirit of commitment. We believe that everyone should have access to the health services they need when and where thy need them, especially women and children in situation of social exclusion. Monkole tries to provide service to all patients although 48% lack resources to pay for hospitalization expenses.


Some facts about the Congo:

  • The D.R. of Congo, with its 74 million inhabitants (half of whom are under 15).
  • It ranks 176th in the 2015 Human Development Index.
  • It has a per capita GDP of US$348 per year.

Some facts about the Hospital:

Monkole is a hospital located south-west of Kinshasa in the Mont-Ngafula district. Currently, the capital has 12 million inhabitants. The hospital is located in a semi-urban area of some 320,000 inhabitants with few economic resources. It was the first hospital in the Congo to start feeding its patients, giving them sheets, towels, etc. (before that their own families were in charge).

For years it has been struggling to make quality health care accessible to this entire population because everyone has to pay for their own medical treatment. For example, if a person has no money and suffers from appendicitis, he will not be operated on in any hospital in Kinshasa except in Monkole.

To promote access to quality health care for poor people in Africa, from the local, practical and concrete point of view: health is an inalienable right of every human being. This is reflected in the major international commitments and declarations (Millennium Development Goals, Declaration of Human Rights, Treaties and Conventions, etc.) in which our work is framed.

We want to bring about lasting development in health care in Africa.

A great example:

Following the example of Monkole Hospital Centre, we want to bring about a radical change in the way we approach health problems in Africa. Starting with the promotion of solid and cohesive aid, which will have an impact on training and on the promotion of laws and social structures. In this way, we want health to be accessible to all groups. In particular, the most vulnerable, by maintaining their own values, identity and culture, from which we have much to learn.

We believe that in the hospital Monkole all patients should have access to hospital services, regardless of their economic situation. That is why, through the Friends of Monkole Foundation, we seek economic resources to finance the hospital costs of all those who need health care and to continue financing our projects.

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