How is the situation in Monkole?

Let us bring solidarity to those who need it the most

In this sudden situation, Monkole has taken a number of hygiene measures

  • a sink has been installed at the entrance with the activation of the faucet via a pedal
  • Installation of equipment for the distribution of hand sanitizer in doctors ‘ offices and control of nursing
  • Opening a second door of access to the health care staff.
  • Physical distancing from the patient to the medical personnel by means of a closure.
  • Installation of beds, mattresses, chairs, bedside tables and dividers of not individual bed rooms.
  • Manufacture of a line of supply of oxygen with an electric outlet.
  • Purchase of some medical equipment

And the activitieswere moved to Monkole 2, in a different area of the hospital to protect the rest of the patients, as a reception center for patients COVID-19 with a capacity of 25 beds.

To cope with this pandemic in the area that was entrusted, Monkole requested the support of the congolese Government by the state of need of materials and protective equipment for the personnel.

ACTEC (NGDO belgian) supports with a budget of 30,000 dollars, the congolese Government to 7,000 dollars, personal contribution hospital 33,000 dollars and lack the funding to 72,000 $.

Hencethe presentation of this global project COVID-19 Monkole to the Foundation of Friends of Monkole requesting 36.000 $ (33.000 €).

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